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The Institute for Global Maritime Studies is a publicly supported, non-profit educational organization, under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, dedicated to finding practical solutions to global maritime challenges. The Institute researches the various roles of the ocean as an avenue for the flow of goods, people and ideas; as an arena for combat and struggle and as a source of foodstuffs, energy and minerals, and of recreation and stimulus to creativity.

Our purpose is to foster greater public awareness of the importance to humankind of the maritime world, and we are committed to advancing the national welfare and the public good.

News Updates

Kirk Patterson reefs his sails

I have decided not to sail to Okinawa this year because of the typhoon risk. That's disappointing, and it will make completing my Japan circumnavigation next year more challenging, but it will allow me to explore this area (northern Kyushu) more fully.

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Borgerson in Foreign Affairs

Anchorage and Reykjavik could someday become the high-latitude equivalents of Singapore and Dubai.

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Recent Works

Congratulations to Enrique Hidalgo

Perhaps others of you saw Enriique Hidalgo's picture in the current issue of The Economist (p 79).We are proud that Enrique is a founding director of the Institute and a man of rising importance in Mexico.

Course Syllabus: Arctic affairs

This summer we invested a modest amount of IGMS money in a summer intern who was extremely helpful in finding materials for new course (seminar) in the International Relations of the Arctic now being taught at Fletcher. I do not know of any such comparable course but perhaps some one of our readers does. In which case I would be delighted to hear from him/her.

Letter from Kirk Patterson August 2014

The original plan was to sail back to Canada, but I'm now seriously thinking of staying in Japan for 2-3 more years to research and write a Japan cruising guide. No such guide exists, even in Japanese, and many people are strongly encouraging me to write one.

West Coast 2014

Inspired by Neptune voyages of years past, three intrepid Fletcher students utilized their graduate school winter break to learn more about the United States’ west coast maritime industry. We started with a bang at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. It was impressive to see the scale of the two largest intermodal ports in the US and learn about their environmental sustainability initiatives, community relations programs, and facilities handling enormous volumes of diversified international trade. We drove the beautiful Pacific coast highway north to the Port of Oakland.

Patterson reefs his sails

Those of you who may have been following the remarkable solo journey of our intrepid Research Fellow, Dr. Kirk Patterson, will be interested in the following message recently received from him.

From John Curtis Perry

Congratulations to Enrique Hidalgo

Posted on October 19th by jcp

Perhaps others of you saw Enriique Hidalgo's picture in the current issue of The Economist (p 79).We are proud that Enrique is a foun...[ Read More ]

Letter from Kirk Patterson August 2014

Posted on September 2nd by jcp

I think I last wrote you when I was moored at Dejima in late April....it was certainly a special feeling to think of Dejima's history...[ Read More ]

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