IGMS supports the Fletcher School's Fifth Annual Opening Arctic Conference

Posted on March 25th 2016

The Institute of Global Maritime Studies proudly sponsored the Fletcher School's Fifth Annual Opening Arctic Conference. The theme of sustainability and oppertunity in the Arctic brought together almost 200 participants, making the conference one of the largest at the Fletcher School. It featured high level policy makers, business leaders, and academics.

Congratulations to Enrique Hidalgo

Perhaps others of you saw Enriique Hidalgo's picture in the current issue of The Economist (p 79).We are proud that Enrique is a founding director of the Institute and a man of rising importance in Mexico.

Course Syllabus: Arctic affairs

This summer we invested a modest amount of IGMS money in a summer intern who was extremely helpful in finding materials for new course (seminar) in the International Relations of the Arctic now being taught at Fletcher. I do not know of any such comparable course but perhaps some one of our readers does. In which case I would be delighted to hear from him/her.

Letter from Kirk Patterson August 2014

The original plan was to sail back to Canada, but I'm now seriously thinking of staying in Japan for 2-3 more years to research and write a Japan cruising guide. No such guide exists, even in Japanese, and many people are strongly encouraging me to write one.

West Coast 2014

Inspired by Neptune voyages of years past, three intrepid Fletcher students utilized their graduate school winter break to learn more about the United States’ west coast maritime industry. We started with a bang at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. It was impressive to see the scale of the two largest intermodal ports in the US and learn about their environmental sustainability initiatives, community relations programs, and facilities handling enormous volumes of diversified international trade. We drove the beautiful Pacific coast highway north to the Port of Oakland.


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