Immersed in the Human Tsunami--book review

I have just read (and reviewed) an important book I think many of you would find interesting. John R. Gillis vigorously attacks what he perceives as the terracentric views of traditional geographers and historians.
John R. Gillis, The Human Shore, Seacoasts in History (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2012)

Occasional Paper #5: Seaports in Decline

This summer 2012 study - crafted under the aegis of Professor John Curtis Perry and generously funded by the IGMS community - explores the forces at work in the rises and declines of the great ports of Amsterdam, London, and New York.

Occasional Paper #4: The Gulf Stream: Can an Ocean Current Redefine the 50-year Stalemate of U.S.-Cuba Relations?

Should a low‐probability/high‐consequence spill occur, the Gulf Stream current would serve as an avenue to project oil onto hundreds of miles of beach along the Southeastern U.S.; while the best equipped oil spill response resources in the world would be unable to respond due to U.S. sanctions under the fifty year embargo against Cuba.

Greetings for Fall 2012

Greetings to Everyone, both those of you who are already associates and those who may simply have logged on out of mere curiosity:

Our website is now taking form, with additional papers soon to be posted as well as reports from our summer interns concerning their studies of ports in decline: Amsterdam, London, and New York. This may not appear to be a cheerful subject but it may offer lessons worth considering, and the ports investigated have retained more than considerable vitality by moving in fresh directions that might inspire others.

Occasional Papers #3: Our Arctics

This paper was completed as a master's thesis for the Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy at the Fletcher School, under the aegis of Professor John Curtis Perry.


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