Welcome from John Curtis Perry

Posted on June 3rd 2012

We are happy to have your eyes now falling upon our screen, which gives us the opportunity to tell you a bit about what we do. You can read our mission statement, but briefly our desire is to educate, in the broadest fashion, both the general public and more specifically those likely to be future leaders, about the vital and continuing role of the sea in human affairs. Attitudes toward the sea as something so remote from our terrestrial world and so vast as to be immutable are severely outdated.

America's Deep Blue Highway: How Coastal Shipping Could Reduce Traffic Congestion, Lower Pollution, and Bolster National Security

Our vision is a vibrant system of sea highways connecting a network of American ports and interacting with the landbound network. As the following pages illustrate, America’s marine highway is a vital national resource currently not being used. It can be leveraged to make our nation more economically competitive, our transportation networks more environmentally clean, and our nation’s infrastructure more resilient from a natural or man made incident such as a hurricane or a terrorist attack.


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