From John Curtis Perry

Congratulations to Enrique Hidalgo

Posted on October 19th

Perhaps others of you saw Enriique Hidalgo's picture in the current issue of The Economist (p 79).We are proud that Enrique is a founding d...[ Read More ]

Letter from Kirk Patterson August 2014

Posted on September 2nd

I think I last wrote you when I was moored at Dejima in late was certainly a special feeling to think of Dejima's history as I ...[ Read More ]

Patterson reefs his sails

Posted on November 12th

Those of you who may have been following the remarkable solo journey of our intrepid Research Fellow, Dr. Kirk Patterson, will be intereste...[ Read More ]

Field Seminar: Svalbard

Posted on July 18th

Fletcher’s Maritime Studies Program in cooperation with the Institute for Global Maritime Studies, a non-profit research organ...[ Read More ]

Notes from a Visit to Malta

Posted on May 21st

In Malta, “the hub of the Mediterranean,” the past is omnipresent in a physical sense, with remnants of ancient walls everywhere, somet...[ Read More ]

Tracking Dr. Patterson in the Pacific

Posted on April 11th

Armchair sailors and others too may enjoy keeping track of our Research Fellow Dr. Kirk Patterson as he begins his solo sail across the Pac...[ Read More ]

Patterson to tour Japanese archipelago by sea

Posted on December 18th

I would like to tell everyone about the current activities of our Research Fellow, Dr. Kirk Patterson, whose primary research interest is J...[ Read More ]

Immersed in the Human Tsunami--book review

Posted on November 29th

I have just read (and reviewed) an important book I think many of you would find interesting. John R. Gillis vigorously attacks what he per...[ Read More ]

Greetings for Fall 2012

Posted on October 7th

Greetings to Everyone, both those of you who are already associates and those who may simply have logged on out of mere curiosity: Our w...[ Read More ]

Summer research: seaports in decline

Posted on June 28th

This summer a team of three Fletcher School researchers is investigating three seaports, each in its time of premier global importance. We...[ Read More ]


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