Welcome from John Curtis Perry

We are happy to have your eyes now falling upon our screen, which gives us the opportunity to tell you a bit about what we do. You can read our mission statement, but briefly our desire is to educate, in the broadest fashion, both the general public and more specifically those likely to be future leaders, about the vital and continuing role of the sea in human affairs. Attitudes toward the sea as something so remote from our terrestrial world and so vast as to be immutable are severely outdated. Yet the fate of humankind is intimately bound to our use or abuse of this 71% of the planetary surface.

As a student of history I am especially interested in what has happened and why, in our relationship with the sea, how this affects the present and may shape the future. Thus my particular role in the Institute will reflect those particular questions. But our concerns are wider than that might suggest. The papers we shall be posting here on our website may suggest the range of our interests. We are eager to have you to come aboard and join us in a constituency exploring maritime issues. The website tells you how to do this.

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