Greetings for Fall 2012

Greetings to Everyone, both those of you who are already associates and those who may simply have logged on out of mere curiosity:

Our website is now taking form, with additional papers soon to be posted as well as reports from our summer interns concerning their studies of ports in decline: Amsterdam, London, and New York. This may not appear to be a cheerful subject but it may offer lessons worth considering, and the ports investigated have retained more than considerable vitality by moving in fresh directions that might inspire others.

We are embarking on a News Corner that will feature articles relating to maritime matters culled from various sources, and we welcome contributions to this feature from you, our readers.

One of our projects this year is to revive the Fletcher Neptunes Program, which took participants on one-week field seminars to many of the world’s major ports. We have found it stimulating to mix current students with graduates in these experiences and we invite members of the Institute, be they Fletcher alums or not, to apply. As yet I cannot tell you where we might go this year, but we are investigating the Arctic as one possibility. Increasingly in the news, the world’s “newest ocean,” we are convinced, merits more study than it has yet received.

On a final note, we remain eager to grow by increasing our number of active participants. I remind you that the modest sum of twenty-five dollars will make you a member of the Institute although of course we welcome contributions of larger amounts to sustain our program. Our ambitions remain to establish an endowment undergirding our continuing life.

John Curtis Perry
October 2012

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